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How to Make a Blog on Blogspot

Buddy bloggers what is said today, hopefully better than yesterday.
On this occasion I wish to share some info that has long been obsolete heard by the bloggers is How to Make a Blog on Blogspot

Before I continue it is better to first explain my blogspot and wordpress platform because nowadays most bloggers using blogspot and wordpress platform that uses a content management system.

Blogspot is a place where the netter entrust the website to publish his writings, and blogspot is also very easy in terms of display setting and also writing and of course free. While wordpress just like blogspot but there is little difference in the management of content and layout and template. Where wordpress can not change the templates and layouts, website templates and layouts in other words a standard wordpress platform, so the same when it comes to free the same free.

Okay, we continue with the discussion How to Make a Blog on Blogspot
1. You must have email with gmail address as, for making mail go directly to / gmail
2. After getting the email address, you immediately go to
3. Then right-click on any readings create your blog
4. Fill in the title / name of the blog you want and your blog address appropriate and available
5. Enter security code that appears below was then a new page will appear and you otherwise successful blog
6. You now have a blog and continue to select standard templates available
7. Start by setting your blog and start making your first post.

Okay, congratulations you have successfully made the blog and please to share information in your blog.

Hopefully Helpful
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Wordlinx : Get Paid To Click

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